What a Week!

Hi there,

It seems like Bailey has updated you on most of the goings on of the week so far. To quote our Granny Paula-“boring it ain’t!”

So far, we’ve only been here a few days and we’ve had lots going on. We’ve learned to dodge motor bikes while crossing the street, not an easy task sometimes.  We’ve checked out a couple of local markets and learned how to say that we’re not interested by using sign language (think of the motion of screwing in a lightbulb).

Most of all, we’ve checked out neighborhoods, houses and the new school. We’ve narrowed down where we’d ultimately like to live but that comes down to timing. It’s possible we’ll be in temp housing for a while but we won’t know for sure for a while.

We’ve connected with friends that currently live here and met new people. A huge thank you to our relocation agent for inviting us to an afternoon get together with his daughter & friends. They were a wealth of information and advice.  It was fun just to hang out with people while the kids played. It brought a sense of normalcy to the weekend.

Tony goes to work in a couple of days and then Bailey & I are on our own to navigate the big city! We’ve got some plans already and here’s hoping to surviving crossing the street without Tony. There’s still a lot to learn and master. I’m still get used to the idea of having help but am so grateful for it. Our wonderful driver, Mr. Khoung was extremely helpful today when the shop owner realized we didn’t have enough Dong to buy what we needed. The shop owner was nice enough to offer to take us to the bank on the back of his motor bike! (um, no thanks). Mr. Khoung quickly stepped in to stop him and negotiate that the purchase be delivered to us instead. He then drove us to the bank on the way home. Now, I don’t know about you, but the thought of Tony on the back of a motor bike in Saigon was enough to give Bailey & I a heart attack.

I’ll have some pictures and video soon but until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

See you soon,


Officially in Vietnam!

Bailey here! We’ve been in Vietnam approximately 4 days. Those 4 days have been pretty eventful. We left portland at exactly 2:08 PM on Tuesday June 17th 2014. We went running that morning at leaf erickson. After the run, we went to LoveJoy Bakery for the last time. We packed up our whopping 7 bags and someone drove us to the Portland airport. After doing the normal airport-y stuff, went to the business lounge until our flight was ready to leave.

   I was quite excited to get on the plane because it was business class and it was super fancy. With seats that reclined all the way back, salads, bread and a gourmet main course plus desserts, I was happy. That is, until the jet lag kicked in. A nice flight turned into a restless and exhausting one. 10 grueling hours with no sleep and only watching TV passed by very slowly. I was very happy when we arrived in Tokyo, Japan. The sushi was totally amazing and way better than sushi in America. 

  But I couldn’t stay in Japan forever. We got on the Vietnam Airlines to fly to Ho Chi Minh City. This airline was not quite as nice but I slept the whole 6 hours so what difference did it really make. When we arrived in Vietnam, it was kind of a blur I was so tired so i’ll just fast forward over that part. 🙂

   That morning I had my first taste of Vietnamese culture. There were motorbikes EVERYWHERE. I didn’t exactly know where I was going.

   Later that day, someone from Residents in Vietnam picked us up for house hunting and touring my new school, BIS (British International School). It was BEAUTIFUL.

  Day 2 did not go as smoothly as day one. On the way to the Metropolis building where my dad will be working, someone on a motorbike stole my moms purse. It had my phone in it. At the Nike Office, people were really nice and they got me a newer phone (iPhone 5s) literally the same day! I was extremely grateful!

  Day 3 was great though! We got up early and went running around the Reunification Palace. We also went to Dim Sum with the Residents in Vietnam guy and his family. Later that night we went to my dad’s boss’ house. The parents went out while the kids stayed in and had pizza. We were watching a movie and I was so jet lagged I fell asleep for 2 hours! We went home and I fell fast asleep.

  On day 4 we went to Pho 2000 for breakfast. We also went to the Ben Tahn Market. It had such cool fish, fruit, and vegetables! We got mango stein, guava, and dragon fruit! We tried to go in the Reunification Palace but it opened at 1 pm and it was only 12. Some guy selling coconuts was swindling us and put the coconuts on my dads shoulder as a joke but then made us buy some. We told him no but he just gave us some anyway. He tried to get us to pay lots of money for it (100,000 dong) but we told him no and got it for half the price. He got kind of pouty but I thought it was funny.


That’s it for now! My parents will probably be posting there experience of the last few days soon!



Summer time means adventure!

Bailey again! Yesterday was my last day of school! It was a lot of fun. It’s officially summer vacation and now there is only 4 days till we move! I’m excited and nervous because it’s going to be a big adventure! It’ll be cool getting to fly business class on the airplane. I’ve never been to Asia and I don’t ever remember being jet lagged so this will be a first for me. I’m a little worried about my cat though. Oh well, she’ll have to get used to it. 🙂 As will the rest of us in this new world.

Tony now! Last Monday was my last day of work. I am now enjoying a few down days to tie up loose ends. Like Bailey said, we are moving in 4 days so we’re trying to get all the last minute details done. I’ve also been making it a point to go to the gym a lot because we’ve been eating out at all our favorite resturants as much as possible. This move is a great opportunity for the family and it’ll all be worth it soon!

Till next time,

The Millers

Every new beginning starts with an end

Hello! Bailey again! This is day 6 in our new apartment. But lets start from the beginning. It started June 2nd. That was the first day the movers came. They pretty much wrapped up EVERYTHING. Except the guest room. Nutmeg (cat) was in there. Poor thing was locked in there all day. When I took her out, she pretty much flipped. Then we went to our apartment. It’s in the Pearl District. It’s actually really nice. It’s next to all these good restaurants and ice cream places. After we ate dinner and got settled, we walked up to Cool Moon Ice Cream.  I’m actually used to the apartment now, but I still really miss my old house.


Hi There, April’s turn now.

We’re starting to get settled in the apartment, at least as much as you can when you’re living out of suitcases. It’s hard to believe that the movers have come and gone and now we’re on the countdown to our flight.



What’s funny about this picture, there’s an almost identical one that I took 12 years ago when we moved to Germany.

We’re trying to enjoy our last week in Portland and the weather is definitely cooperating. It’s gorgeous! We’ve got lots of time planned for visiting friends and still hitting up all of our favorite restaurants.

Until next time,

April & Bailey