Every new beginning starts with an end

Hello! Bailey again! This is day 6 in our new apartment. But lets start from the beginning. It started June 2nd. That was the first day the movers came. They pretty much wrapped up EVERYTHING. Except the guest room. Nutmeg (cat) was in there. Poor thing was locked in there all day. When I took her out, she pretty much flipped. Then we went to our apartment. It’s in the Pearl District. It’s actually really nice. It’s next to all these good restaurants and ice cream places. After we ate dinner and got settled, we walked up to Cool Moon Ice Cream.  I’m actually used to the apartment now, but I still really miss my old house.


Hi There, April’s turn now.

We’re starting to get settled in the apartment, at least as much as you can when you’re living out of suitcases. It’s hard to believe that the movers have come and gone and now we’re on the countdown to our flight.



What’s funny about this picture, there’s an almost identical one that I took 12 years ago when we moved to Germany.

We’re trying to enjoy our last week in Portland and the weather is definitely cooperating. It’s gorgeous! We’ve got lots of time planned for visiting friends and still hitting up all of our favorite restaurants.

Until next time,

April & Bailey






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