Starting to get comfortable

Happy Sunday everyone!

We’re entering our second week here in Saigon. Portland feels both like yesterday and forever ago. We’re starting to settle in and get into a groove. Last week, Tony started working on Thursday & Friday. Thanks to Nike’s summer hours, he had a very short week!!! Bailey & I were grateful for that. She & I have started to venture out a bit. The first day was just a few blocks from the apartment, then next day a few blocks more.  Today Bailey told me “I’d feel comfortable walking to this area with you”. Trust me, that’s high praise right now. It means she would be ok crossing more than 3 streets with just me.

Since we’re living in temp housing, we’re trying to keep ourselves busy on the weekends. This weekend, we saw the AO Show at the Saigon Opera House. The show was great and we could already identify with some of the scenes like the market, crossing the street & the excitement when the power comes back on!

Today, we took a cooking class that had us going to the Ben Thanh Market to pick out some ingredients. It was great to go through with someone who knew what they were doing.We went back to the school to master Spring Rolls, Water Spinach Salad and Clay Pot Chicken. Our instructor was great & we had a lot of fun. We were crazy impressed by some of the dishes we made.

These are the spring rolls after they’d been cooked…



And these are the spring rolls after they were fully wrapped & ready to eat.









Bailey is showing off her mad cooking skills…

IMG_1014 IMG_1005

After this fantastic lunch, we either need a nap or a workout. In fact, I haven’t heard from Bailey in a while-she might be napping in her room!

Tony will be starting his work week at the factory that’s about 2 hours away.  Luckily, Bailey & I have a lunch with some people that live here. Here’s hoping I can tell the taxi driver how to get there!

Hope you’re all doing well.





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