Seriously? Again!

Hey, Nutmeg here! I cannot believe them. They left me again. I don’t care if they went to the beach, I want those rascals home while I sleep, eat, and poop. On the bright side, they left me two bowls of food (which of course I made a dent in immediately) and I didn’t have to go in the car. I got the first clue that they were leaving 2 days before they actually left. They thought I was sleeping on the bed but I was actually spying. I saw them packing clothes in that dreaded suitcase I’d seen them carry before. I didn’t know why they were doing this to me. Roughly 3 days later I heard them talking by the front door of the temp house. They weren’t in the house and the voices sounded warped through the closed door. I sat by the door meowing pathetically pacing around the door waiting for the door to open. It took roughly 5 minutes before they finally opened it and I walked around meowing and pushing against their legs. I was upset, but SOOO happy to see them.



Adventures in Toilet Flushing!

Hey! Bailey typing! Things here are really different. At the mall (Diamond Plaza), I went to the bathroom. Before you laugh and say ‘thats NOT and adventure!’ let me explain. You know those toilets that have all those fancy buttons like in Japan? That was one of them. On the inside of the stall it had a guide on all the buttons. It said, hit bidet for female users. So… I hit bidet. After 5 minutes of only getting all these little squirts or water in and out of the toilet (they even had a deodorize button), I called my mom to come help me (she was in the bathroom but not in a stall). She finally hit the obviously a flusher button. I felt so stupid and when I told her the story she laughed so hard.


Okay, it’s my turn now! Nutmeg (the cat) here! It might be all fun and games for my owners but let me tell you MY side of the story! it all started with a trip to the vet. I was physically and emotionally harmed by you letting them stick things in my butt and needles in my legs, body, and arms. I moped around for a day. But then… YOU LOCKED ME IN THE GUEST ROOM. When you finally let me out everything was wrapped in this tough brownish material. You shoved me in that dreaded blue cat carrier and carried me off to some other house. The bed was different, the house was different and it didn’t even smell like me! Then 1 week later you took me back to get needles in me all over again. I had enough. I started hiding inside the couch. I was safe there. No one could touch me. I started getting hungry so after a couple days I climbed out. But at the end of that week you put me in a new torture device. A big plastic carrier. You put a nice brown bed in the bottom as if to distract me to the fact that I was in the car yet again. I cried and cried but no one listened. You gave to some old lady. I had never felt so abandoned. They put me on a plane and I stayed fairly quiet. We took a few pit stops (a cats gotta use the litter box) and we arrived somewhere hot and humid. I think they called it Vietnam. They put me on the back of a motorbike (I think, they might not have I was too tired to tell). It was very humiliating. I want to pretend it was just sweat but on that ride, I wet myself. I saw Bailey, Tony and April and I got so happy! I came out of that awful crate and wobbled around (sitting for 3 days in a crate kind of sucks). I was matted down with pee. Bailey ran after me with a wet rag. She wiped me down and it felt really good, kind of like the hot towels they give you on the plane. That night I spend so many hours licking myself to get that pee stench out. I knew April and Tony wouldn’t let me sleep with them till I smelled like roses. And thats my story!

Till next time, Bailey and Nutmeg