An escape from the city

Good afternoon from Saigon!

We’ve returned from a very restful beach weekend in Mui Ne. Since Tony had the 4th of July off from work, we decided to head out of the city for a long weekend. We braved a two lane highway (that had about 4 lanes of traffic on it), a suspect rest stop & some pho that was probably safe but that Bailey still refused to try.  After about 5 hours, we arrived at the lovely Mia resort. Since it was dark, we couldn’t fully appreciate the resort or the view. The next morning we woke to this…

Mia Resort beach

Now I don’t know about you, but this is hard to complain about. Each morning we woke early to go for a run on the beach. Tony & Bailey especially appreciated being about to run without dodging motor bikes. After a leisurely breakfast, we’d head to the pool or ocean for the rest of the day. Some of our hardest decisions for the day were what type of smoothie to order & if it should have a little something “extra” in it.



Now, before you think we’re total lazy’s, we did pry ourselves away from the pool a couple of times. One was for a spa treatment & Tony decided to try his hand at kite sailing. He was able to get the kite up and keep it in the air for a bit. Unfortunately, since it takes about 7 hours of lessons before you can even attempt getting the board on the water, it was just a little sand time. (Sorry for the quality of the photos-we took them all on our iPhones).

photo 2 photo 3


We had a great time & can’t wait to go back. I’m not looking forward to the drive again but it’s a small price to pay.

Now that we’re back in the city, Bailey & I are trying to keep ourselves busy. We’re still exploring our neighborhood on foot & taking some side trips. Yesterday, we had our wonderful driver take us out to Metro (a very Costco like store). Today we’re planning on hitting up a small grocery store around the corner. We might go to a movie tomorrow? I know, our life is soooo exciting, right?

We hope you’re all doing well. Feel free to drop us a line sometime.


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