Seriously? Again!

Hey, Nutmeg here! I cannot believe them. They left me again. I don’t care if they went to the beach, I want those rascals home while I sleep, eat, and poop. On the bright side, they left me two bowls of food (which of course I made a dent in immediately) and I didn’t have to go in the car. I got the first clue that they were leaving 2 days before they actually left. They thought I was sleeping on the bed but I was actually spying. I saw them packing clothes in that dreaded suitcase I’d seen them carry before. I didn’t know why they were doing this to me. Roughly 3 days later I heard them talking by the front door of the temp house. They weren’t in the house and the voices sounded warped through the closed door. I sat by the door meowing pathetically pacing around the door waiting for the door to open. It took roughly 5 minutes before they finally opened it and I walked around meowing and pushing against their legs. I was upset, but SOOO happy to see them.




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