Movin’ on Up…

…to a deluxe apartment in the sky! Ok, I realize I just dated myself by quoting the theme song to ‘The Jeffersons’.

Over the weekend, we moved out of the longterm hotel & into a serviced apartment until our house is ready in September. Bailey & I really liked living in District 1 for the convenience factor but it’s much nicer to be in an apartment. We have a bit more space, it feels like a home & we have the ability to cook. Cooking leads to it’s own adventures of navigating the grocery stores & cooking with minimal equipment but those are they’re own adventures to detail some day soon.

I know that some people are probably wondering what our area looks like & what do we see on a daily basis (ok, some people aren’t wondering but I’m posting pics anyways)!

WARNING!!! This pictures were taken with an iPhone, so the quality just isn’t there. Also, we were probably dodging motor bikes as they were being taken.

This is the view from the new apartment. We’re on the 24th floor. Bailey & I enjoy watching the boats go up and down the Saigon river each day.  Random trivia in case you’re ever asked – it’s a tidal river, so it flows in different directions depending on the time of day.

photo 2photo 4

These chickens (along with many more)

live at the base of our building. Free Range indeed!

photo 1 The HCMC Post office. It’s amazing beautiful.You can’t really tell from the picture but Uncle Ho watches over everyone.

photo 2  Bailey & I went a tour to see a few new sights. I’m not sure what the statue is of. We seriously couldn’t cross the street to get a better view. 6 lanes of traffic I’m not willing to brave.                                                                     photo 3 The Bitexco Financial tower. It’s the second tallest tower in HCMC and makes a great landmark.

photo 4 This is from a cafe above the street. I wanted to show the power lines. It’s like this all over the city. It’s really no wonder why there are random power outages frequently.                                                   photo 1  These final two are just a few random traffic pics. To be honest, these aren’t even that crowded. I need to remember to have my camera ready more often to show you how crazy it can truly be.

photo 3

We hope you’re all having a great day & hope to talk to you soon.


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