Adventures in Shopping

Xin Chao & Happy Sunday!

What a lovely Sunday so far. We’ve all done our workout and am now enjoying a cup of coffee (with a macaroon). Cookies with coffee make a Sunday morning in my book! 

Normally at home on a Sunday, we’d be thinking about what grocery shopping needs to be done. I often shopped for the entire week at once. Here, I’ve reverted back to thinking just about the day or two in front of us. Partly because we’re in a limited capacity kitchen & that takes a bit more planning of what can reasonably be made. 

Shopping here is an adventure and sometimes a contact sport -just try to get in front of me when I’m weighing my produce!  Shopping in a foreign country can be really fun and we’ve gotten more than one item “just because we want to see what it tastes like”. Consider this a heads up-cheese flavored coconut macaroons are not a good combo. You’re Welcome!

Grocery shopping takes at least 2 hours and if you can complete your list with a minimum of two shops, it’s a win. As we’re here longer, it will get faster. Right now, shopping involves a lot of Google translate & currency converting. I remember shopping in Germany involved a lot of the same head scratching in the beginning. The main difference here is that there are some fruits & vegetables here that I’m unfamiliar with. While shopping at Metro (think Costco on a slightly smaller scale but just as hectic) the other day, I encountered at least 3 different items that looked like ginger. Whip out the phone to figure out which is the one that I want.  There was one that was red & I considered buying it just to see what it would make my food look like. In the end, I played it safe and got normal ginger. 

Quick! Identify these veggies…

photo 2

photo 1

After getting all of our veggies, we head over to find some chicken. Shockingly, I couldn’t find any fresh chicken but I found lots of beef. 

photo 4 I’m not sure that will fit in our freezer.

The best part of shopping at Metro for Bailey is the roasted meat section. At home, we’re used to seeing pre-roasted chickens. Here they take it to a whole new level. There’s chickens, whole pigs and rabbits. 

photo 3 

For at least two weeks, Bailey insisted it was a cat but I’m pretty sure it’s a rabbit. 

Today, I think it’s chicken breasts roasted with lime & ginger with some asparagus. I better get going as we’re doing a different kind of shopping today. Furniture shopping! Yesterday, we bought a dining table, sideboard & a new couch. We also looked at beds and coffee tables but are still undecided on that. Today, outdoor furniture is on the list to hunt down. 

Wish us luck! 





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