First Week, Staying Strong

Hey Bailey here! I haven’t written on the blog in forever! I just wanted to give you guys a quick update about how I’m doing in school. On my first day, I was so so nervous. I had gone running that morning and my heart was pounding so hard even after I stopped running. I didn’t really talk at all the first 2 days of school, I didn’t even raise my hand! If you know me, thats quite a shocker. 

I finally opened up a little bit, made some friends, and started to learn my way around the school. So far, my favourite classes are history, science, English, and French (in no particular order).

I made some friends who apparently also live in Xi Apartments, which makes hanging out very convenient. 

I also learned some things in my Vietnamese class at school! (I would type it but there is no accents on the computer that I know of). I am also doing French. Bon jour Je me appelle Bailey. French is lots of fun because I’m only in a class with 6 other kids. I’m in the ‘I don’t know any French so I need to learn as much in 1 year as others would in 2 or 3’ French class. But it’s really individualized so I like it. 

So far, school is very good.


Meow! Nutty typing! I used to see Bailey everyday, but now, she leaves in the morning and comes back at 3:00. What is even going on? I tried to tell them I didn’t like it by meowing profusely, but everyone just thinks I’m hungry, (not that extra food is a bad thing). I rub against Bailey’s legs but she just sits on the couch reading a big book and writing stuff. Silly humans, don’t they know that cats are more important than anything in this house? Oh well, wish me luck on getting attention. 


Till next time, Bailey and Nutmeg


2 thoughts on “First Week, Staying Strong

    • Bailey I’am so happy you are adjusting to your new school. I knew it wouldn’t be long and you would have a new group of friends. You didn’t mentioned math in your list of class’s😛😛😛😁😁😁!!Love hearing from you and have a great school year!!

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