One Week To Go

Good Morning!

We are officially one week away from moving into the villa! Woo Hoo’s all around. It’s been a long process and by this time next week we will have moved out of the Portland house exactly 4 months ago. We are really excited to have our “stuff” back. It’s funny, I feel that I’ve definitely learned what I can live without and that we can probably stand to downsize a bit. However, I’m still more than glad to have some of my creature comforts back. It will be nice to be able to cook with some proper equipment. Although I did make a cake without measuring anything and at least it was edible.

We’ve been to the house several times to make our requests and to get the layout. I stopped by the other day to make final requests & there were no less than 20 workers buzzing around doing things.

On our side, we’ve got our furniture on standby ready to be delivered from the various shops. I did splurge and purchase a dishwasher yesterday. When I say splurge, I mean it. I won’t tell you how much a luxury item like a dishwasher cost because it’s a bit embarrassing. I wasn’t going to do it but  after talking to some friends & Tony, I was convinced that it will make life so much easier and we’ll probably be able to sell it when we move.  I know that there will be a lot that has to be purchased & done once we move in. For those things, I’m just making a list and will just pick things up slowly.

I will miss certain things about this apartment but not the crazy elevators that take forever. Sometimes in the morning, you have to give yourself an extra 5 minutes to go from our floor to the lobby.  We’ve definitely made ourselves at home in the apartment and it will take me some time to pack everything back up into the suitcases next week.  I feel a bit bad for Nutmeg as she has one more move to do and doesn’t even realize it. I hope she likes the new house.

I’ve taken some “before” pictures of the house but will post lots more once we’re moved in and things are in place. Keep in mind in most of the pictures, everything’s covered in a layer of dust & dirt.

Our front gate

Our front gate

The living room into the dining room as seen from the front garden doors

The living room into the dining room as seen from the front garden doors

The living room seen from the dining room

The living room seen from the dining room

On the upstairs landing

On the upstairs landing

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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