Finally dug out from all the boxes!

Hi Friends,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote but to be honest, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. We’ve moved into the house and all of the boxes except for 2 are gone. Most rooms are somewhat organized. You know how that goes, wherever things land are usually where they stay until the next move! We’re still waiting on a hutch for the dining room and then hopefully the kitchen will be fully organized. Ms. Dung has done a great job helping to get us clean and orderly each day. I was worried about having a helper in the house but I’ve really enjoyed having her here. It’s nice to know I’m not all alone in this big house. She even caught me singing in the kitchen while baking granola and she only slightly laughed. She’s a keeper!

Right after we moved in, Tony headed to Portland & Seattle for a work trip. To say that we were just a little bit jealous would probably be an understatement.  He enjoyed some great Fall Portland weather and did lots of shopping for us. Now I have pecans for my fall and winter baking. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it’s the middle of October. I was in a store yesterday that was selling Christmas decorations and it took me a minute to figure out why. For us, it still feels like summer. I’ve never lived in a climate that was roughly the same year round. The rainy season is apparently coming close to an end and some days it’s noticeably cooler in the mornings and evenings.  It’s still 90 degrees with high humidity during the day but it’s becoming more manageable.  We’re gearing up for Halloween (which is a big deal in our neighborhood). We’re working on Bailey’s costume and the candy is ready. Thanks to Carl, who hand carried 6 bags of of Costco sized candy, we’re ready for the trick or treater’s. Mad props to me for not opening any of the candy yet, although maybe a quality check is in order?

Setting up the house keeps me pretty busy but now that it’s getting under control, I’m starting to find other ways to keep myself occupied. I volunteer at the school a bit and I’m looking at other things as well that I’ll tell you more about later once they’re fleshed out. As it always is, sometimes when you get one project a day completed, it’s a win!

Bailey’s doing well in school and we’re all starting to get into a rhythm. I feel like we just got going but it’s time for the mid term break next week. We’re going to take advantage of it by heading to Hong Kong for the week. While Tony’s been numerous times, it will be my first time. I’m very excited as it’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit. Be on the lookout, cause you know I’m going to post all about it!!!

I should wrap this up as my cake is almost finished and I should probably eat some lunch. No, I’m not going to eat the cake for lunch no matter how tempting it might be.

Hope everyone’s doing well and look forward to hearing from you.




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