Our First International Day

Good Morning Friends,

It’s just a couple of days after the fall break, so we’re back in the swing of things again. I’ve got lots to tell you about but I’m going to break it up into several posts.

International Day at BIS

Just before we broke for the break, the Secondary students have their International Day at school. Since it was our first one, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Turns out, it’s a big day and the kids really look forward to it.
The school had about 30 countries represented so we truly are an International school! It’s a lot of work put on mostly by parent volunteers with help from the administrators & teachers.

Our theme this year for our room was “Coast to Coast”. We had a Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge with an ‘All-American’ diner in the middle that was serving up root beer floats. Once we were set up, the kids started coming to visit each of the rooms. It was really fun to see the kids exploring each countries rooms. Many where dressed to represent their home country.
In keeping with the purpose of the Statue of Liberty, many of the kids wanted to have their picture taken with her, so she welcomed them with an upraised arm. And yes, the Statue of Liberty really was about 12 feet tall! We had to take her arm off to get her in the room. Can you imagine her being driven down the streets of Saigon strapped to the roof of a car?

East Coast...

East Coast…

...to West Coast

…to West Coast

Our All American Diner serving up root beer floats!

Our All American Diner serving up root beer floats!

The kids spent the morning visiting the rooms and after a short break they put on a dance and fashion show. Many of the children had on beautiful traditional outfits. Some of the year 12’s & 13’s got a little more creative with their costumes, like the boys from New Zealand & Australia who came dressed as a sheep and a jar of Vegemite.

Bailey is already planning her costume for next year. She plans to go all out and walk in the fashion show. It’s perfect since we’ll be home next summer just in time for a ll of the 4th of July props to come out. Next year, we’ll be ready to strut our American pride.

Until next time, we love you all.


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