Turning 13!

Hello friends near and far,

We’ve had a big week as Bailey officially hit “teenager” status (cue the eye roll here). This was bittersweet for a few reasons. Bailey was missing her friends from home and was sad that they couldn’t share this milestone birthday with her. Top it off with being sick on your birthday and it’s a recipe for a few tears shed.

On Tuesday, Bailey woke up with a 102 degree fever that never subsided. She spent most of her last day of being 12 laid up on the couch. She was hoping that it would go away so she could go to school on her birthday but that wasn’t to be. Wednesday morning saw us at the doctor bright and early to rule out anything serious. After ruling out both Dengue Fever and Strep, she was sent home with strict instructions just to rest. With a big sleepover party on the line, she was willing to comply.

Even though she didn’t feel well, she still managed to request and (sort of) eat her favorite foods. Buttermilk scones for breakfast and lentil soup for dinner. Even though I was having a hard time mustering enthusiasm for lentil soup in 90 degree weather, what are you going to do when it’s a birthday request?

As Saturday drew near, she rallied because there was no way was she going to let me cancel the party. I’m glad we didn’t as Bailey and the other girls had a great time.

ready to party!

                      Who’s ready to party?

The evening was filled with lots of singing, dancing and pool time-followed by homemade macaroni and cheese. With the cost of cheese here, we probably could have taken her out for a really nice dinner for the same cost but again, when it’s a birthday request, how do you say no? Then of course, it’s cake time! I started baking the cake at 6:30 am since I needed time just in case I had to run to the cupcake shop as a backup. Bailey typically requests a chocolate cake but this year she requested a “rainbow cake”. Thanks Pintrest…

So about 2 weeks beforehand, I started the search for food coloring. I found some and we all said a silent prayer that it would work. A couple of the food coloring’s never tinted the batter, so I told Bailey to lower her expectations and I could always make a chocolate one if I had to.

Our attempt at a rainbow cake. Not exactly what we were going for but oh well.

Our attempt at a rainbow cake. Not exactly what we were going for but oh well.

As I was frosting the cake, the icing was literally melting off the case. I turned down the air conditioner to18 degrees Celsius and hoped for the best. Our new fridge had just been delivered a few hours before, so I stuck it in there as it started to get to the right temp.

Sprinkles hide icing disasters

         Sprinkles hide icing disasters

The girls went out into the compound armed with tons of glow sticks to play a little night time tag and jump on the trampoline. By 10pm it was time for a little dance party and finally a movie before heading off to sleep. By 11:30, I was exhausted but heard them still singing. When I came down this morning, this is what I found…

Sleep where you can find space

       Sleep where you can find space!

After everyone was picked up this morning, we’re in recovery mode. A run followed by a little pool time. Smoothie’s to help the sore throat and just general relaxing at home. I have a feeling that 13 will be a good year for us!


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