Our First Night Time Run

Hi Friends,

Well, we decided to try something new. Anyone who knows us knows that we love a good fun run.  I had heard of color runs in Portland but we had never had the chance to do it. So, when we learned of the Prisma Run and heard it was going to be held in District 2, we jumped at the chance to try it. We had know idea what we were getting into but that’s never stopped us before, right?

The Prisma Run

                        The Prisma Run

It was a glow in the dark paint, bass pumping kind of night and we had a blast (for the most part). The evening started out kinda iffy. As we’re leaving the house, it starts pouring rain. In true Saigon style though, it stopped about 20 minutes later. After we got to the run, we starting loading up on glow in the dark paint and glow sticks. As Bailey is cracking a glow stick, it breaks and she gets it in her eye. Of course that stuff burns so we’re trying to flush her eye out with water which makes the rest of the paint she’s put on run everywhere. Eventually she can see again but she looks like she survived a zombie attack.

Umm, do I have enough paint on?

Umm, do I have enough paint on?

The race starts and the crowd goes crazy! People are everywhere. The crowd control doesn’t even attempt to get people at the start line so we just jump in from the sidelines. Since it’s not timed or tracking place, we figure it doesn’t really matter. It was really fun running through the different stations of strobe lights, paint splashes, etc. I would say the only real issue is that the parts of the course that didn’t have the stations were pitch black. Made avoiding potholes and other runners a bit difficult. Of course I lost Tony & Bailey at the beginning and I didn’t bring music, so I entertained myself by watching the other runners.

Finally I can see that I’m getting near the end as the music gets louder and I’m being blinded by strobe lights. After I find Tony & Bailey, I learn that they got 1st & 2nd overall place and I finish with a respectable 35 minutes(ish). I wasn’t wearing a watch and they weren’t timing so I’m just guessing.

Parent Selfie!

                       Parent Selfie!

relaxing after & jamming to music

     relaxing after & jamming to music

There was a concert by Lil Jon but we decided to leave as Bailey was starving. As Mr. Khoung picks us up, he’s laughing at us (and probably cringing at the mess we’re going to make in the car). We head to dinner and decide based on the time it’s not worth going home first.

We got a few stares at the restaurant covered in paint

We got a few stares at the restaurant covered in paint!                                       

We had several stares and a few comments about the way we looked. One woman actually ran into a post staring at Bailey.

Overall, we had a great time but I’m not sure if it will be on our list to do again. Next week, we’ve got the Terry Fox run and that’s a bit of a more traditional 5k. We’ll see how that goes!

Love to everyone…

April, Tony & Bailey


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