In case of emergency

Head to Singapore…no, wait, Bangkok…no, wait…

If you’re on Facebook with us, you’ve likely been following the saga that was our emergency trip to Bangkok for Tony’s surgery. Now that we’re a week out, I thought I’d give a recap and a let you know how he’s doing.

As these things do, it all started with a run. Well, it’s likely that it had been forming for a while but the run that morning was what pushed him over the edge. We spent 5 days trying to avoid the inevitable and I finally convinced Tony to call the SOS clinic since it seemed the pain got worse as each day went on. They told us to pack a bag and bring a passport. After a mad dash to figure out care for Bailey and throw a few things in a bag, we were off. Here’s a travel tip for you in these situations. All you really need is a passport and money.

We were set to go to Singapore that night but there was an issue with getting us on the flight. As Tony was in so much pain, we opted to go to Bangkok that night rather than wait 24 hours for the next flight. As both choices are good for his situation, we felt there was nothing to gain by waiting.

Later that night, we were loaded into a Vietnamese ambulance (which is an adventure all by itself) and whisked through security at the airport. If I’m being honest, it was kind of nice to have an escort through the airport and skipping security lines, etc.

About midnight, we finally arrived at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Luckily, I was able to stay with him because I’m not sure I could have handled the extra nightmare of going to find a hotel that night.

The next day we met with the surgeon, took more MRI’s, decided on a course of action and were set to go. The surgery was a breeze and Tony was literally walking the next morning. Next came the hard part, the waiting to see how he healed and the boredom that just comes from being in the hospital. After the 2nd day, Tony was very used to the nurses coming in at all times and asking if he’d gone pee-pee or poo-poo. we got a kick out of that and laughed every time they said it. Never mind that he’s in his forty’s, not 5.

The staff was wonderful and they kept him well fed.  You have to love a hospital that brings flowers, cake and fresh fruit every afternoon. Even then, he got bored of the food pretty quickly. I went out each day for a couple of hours. Since I’m pretty directionally challenged and don’t usually travel without Tony, this was a big thing for me. I discovered that if I stayed on Suhkumvit Road and followed the sky train line, I wouldn’t get too lost. I found a few restaurants that we’ll most definitely go back to in February.


The wonderful nursing staff!

The wonderful nursing staff!

Now that we’ve been home for a week, Tony is walking each day but is still restricted from doing anything else. He was hoping that he could swim but that may have to wait for a bit longer. Hopefully by the time we go to the beach for Christmas, he’ll be ready to swim.

Thank you to everyone who was sending us good wishes and messages. It was so appreciated.


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