Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Happy New Year!

Happy Year of the Goat

         2015 – Year of the Goat

Vietnam is gearing up to celebrate Tet and everything is awash in gold, red and sparkling lights. Every street is lit up with these wonderful flower and light banners. The shops have their kumquat trees with red envelopes out.

Just a few of the many street decorations

Just a few of the many street decorations

Soon the flower market will start & I’m really looking forward to seeing that. It’s a good thing we’re comfortable crossing the street in traffic because I’ve heard that it can be wall to wall people, on both the road & sidewalks.

The Tet parties are also in full swing. Last weekend, our compound hosted a party that was huge. There’s around 180 houses in our neighborhood but the party was much bigger than that. It was beautifully decorated with many things that are symbolic and/or bring good luck.

Dragon Dance

                      Dragon Dance

Lots of lights & flowers

             Lots of lights & flowers

Enough Twinkly lights to light up the neighborhood

Enough Twinkly lights to light up the          neighborhood

Next weekend is the Nike Tet parties. Since Nike is celebrating 20 years in Vietnam, the parties are bigger than ever. There’s  a day of the employees giving back to the community, an “Olympics”, a viewing of the AO Show (an acrobatic type show celebrating Vietnamese culture) and a Gala dinner.

Since this is our first Tet, I’m excited to see everything and celebrate Vietnam’s big holiday. Both school & work are closed for nine days and most of the city disappears to wherever they grew up, so Saigon should be very quiet. We’re taking the opportunity to visit Bangkok for a few days. Now, some of you are thinking “weren’t you just there?” Yes, we were. But since Tony never left the hospital room & I only ventured out close to the hospital, we thought a proper exploration of the city might be in order.

Wishing everyone a happy & prosperous New Year.


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