Radio Silence…

Hi all,

We apologize for the silence lately on the blog. Although if you follow either of us on FB, then you know we hopefully had a good excuse.  May & June have been busy with a variety of things.

May started off easy enough, with us just coming off a two week Spring Break. However, that’s where the trouble started.

During Spring Break, I started to notice some pain (and tried to ignore it). I ended up having an emergency surgery in Bangkok to have my gallbladder removed. At the same time, Bailey was going through her end of year exams. Since this is her first year at the school, it was important for her to stay focused and do well. Well, it will always be important to do well but we didn’t really know what to expect from the whole process.

She spent many weeks leading up to it studying for them. The fact that she got interrupted by my drama certainly didn’t help her. But she’s resilient and  many of her exams have come back even better than we hoped for. A few of her classes, she came back with the top score in the class! This is on top of the fact that she had an extra curricular class every day of the week (won’t do that again in the third term).

Now, we’re gearing up for our home leave trip in a few weeks. Making lists of what we need to take, buy & eat! We’re all excited to see Family, Friends & Portland again for a bit.

Bailey will be writing next week sometime about an exciting project that she’s got going on. She’s waiting until the final results to share though.

Love you all,



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