Stress of exams

Hi everyone,

I have just finished up my end of year exams. I did exceedingly well on most of them actually. My math result turned out to be the best in my class! I thought it would be a lot less stressful now that exams are done and out of the way but NO. More stress. I have several group projects that I have recently been assigned. Assignment 1: Make an a cappella version of a complete song. So far so good. My group is about half way through the song and should be finished soon. We are doing the song Pompeii by Bastille. Assignment 2: Geography poster. We are actually doing well on this. We have to make a poster and present it to the class. Assignment 3: Drama final. We have to make up a drama piece given certain criteria and perfect it by next week. Assignment 4: Speech for public speaking competition. This is certainly the most stressful and nerve-wracking out of all my assignments. We were given a topic and have to do a speech on the topic (To travel or not to travel). I’ve finished my speech but I’m now working on how to present it. I’ll post it on the blog once I’m finished with the competition. Speaking of writing, I also joined creative writing club as one of my extra curricular activities. One of my other clubs is fencing. I don’t why I joined fencing, its a terrible sport. My instructor always stabs me and I end up with bruises. Every Friday my parents get a phone call home from me asking if I can skip it. One time, I really didn’t want to go so I ended up texting my mom in French about how much I hated it. C’est horrible! Non, Je deteste ce. Je ne veux pas. I think you get the idea.

Till next time, Bailey

Meow! Wait, I want a turn now.

Today was an achievement. Normally, I stay on the couch to nap. But today, I got up! I went upstairs! But then I got tired and fell asleep again. Maybe it wasn’t as productive as I thought…

Meow meow for now!


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