To travel or not to travel

Hey all!

Remember how I was talking about my public speaking competition in school? We had our finals! Sadly, I didn’t make the finals but I did get 3rd place in the in class competition. I’m still really proud. Here’s the speech I wrote and preformed in case you want to read it.

An adventure, a learning experience, an opportunity to explore the world. What better way of embracing the beauty of new, getting outside of your comfort zone, and seeing things you’ve never seen before, than travel.

But the real question is: “How does travel speak to you?” Maybe you had a stunning vacation that left you hungry for more. Or maybe a lousy one that left you with a bad impression. But regardless, travel is a story that you can tell to your children some day. It’s an adventure that makes you feel the pounding of your heart or the rush of adrenaline. It’s an eye-opener that changes the way you see the world, forever

Picture a little two year old girl, eating curry in England, having bratwurst in Germany, and nothing but paella for a week in Spain. That little girl was me. I was blessed with the chance to live abroad at such a young age that it changed how I saw the world. Living in Germany for five years really helped me to be an adventurous eater and began my journey as an avid traveler.

Although some benefits of travel include, being able to explore, enjoying local food, and sightseeing. The best part of travelling for me, is meeting new people along the way. Whether it be locals or tourists, it’s always fascinating to hear other people’s stories.

It’s not just the locals that really make your trip enjoyable. It’s also the tourists. They’re in the same situation as you; sightseeing, learning, exploring. Maybe they’ve been there before and they give you some ideas of things to do. Maybe they’ve travelled to places you’ve never been and inspire new travels. Maybe you’ve been somewhere that they haven’t. Either way, you can swap stories of your adventures and receive some back. Who knows, you may have even made a lifelong friend.

The locals are often eager to share their culture with you and excited to learn yours as well.

Like in France for example, the head chef took an infant Bailey away from her parents insisting they should enjoy their meal. Although I don’t remember it, this is a really special memory out of all the time we spent in Europe. This shows how the chef truly wanted us to embrace our travels, carefree and without worries.

Now, imagine you’re the same restaurant two years later. You look at the wall and see a picture of a small baby who looks vaguely familiar. At a closer glance, you realize it’s you! You’re a bit surprised, but also touched. This goes to show how locals really enjoy sharing their culture with you and are excited to meet people from around the world.

In total, I’ve lived in three different countries and have visited more than I can count on my fingers. Lucky? Yes. But more willing to travel than anything. I believe that every place you visit holds a special place in your heart. So if you get the opportunity to travel, take it! Because in the words of a seasoned traveler: “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Thank you.


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