What a Summer!

Hi Friends,

We had such a great summer seeing so many of our friends and family. Even though we were there for 5 weeks, there were people and places we didn’t get a chance to visit and for that, we’re sorry. There’s always next summer, right?

Even though we were running around town many days, we didn’t mind. There’s a simple thrill in being able to drive yourself to Target whenever you want. Oh, Target, how I’ll miss you. While we enjoyed staying downtown, I think next year, we’ll do it different and that will cut down on some of the driving.

Bailey was quite happy to see all of her friends and couldn’t contain her excitement at running outside anytime she wanted. She warned me before summer that we may not see her all that much. Well, she wasn’t kidding. I mostly saw her while schlepping her back and forth between dates with her friends.

Once we returned to Saigon, we really needed a vacation from our vacation. So, 4 days later, we headed out again for the beaches of Vietnam. Our hotel had these lovely beach umbrellas & loungers where we just parked ourselves for the day. The water was clear and warm & the umbrellas provided a nice break from the sun.

So now we’re back trying to find our groove again. Tomorrow’s the last day of summer & we’re back to the normal school routine. Bailey’s excited about going back and meeting some new people. Since she knows what to expect from the school, she’s ready to rock the 8th grade!

I know that school has started for many of you & I hope you’re all settling in after your summer.

XO, April


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