Holidays & Beach Time

Hi Friends,

We’re now into our 2nd week of school, although we’ve not had a full week yet. Starting on a Wednesday is  a nice way to start the school year and then there was a Vietnamese holiday smack dab in the middle of the second week.

September 2nd marks National Day in Vietnam. It celebrates the day that Vietnam gained it’s independence from France in 1945. Yes, I had to look it up. I didn’t really know what the holiday was celebrating & thought it might be nice to maybe learn just a little bit about our host country.

We knew that downtown would be crazy & we weren’t up for braving it to go see the fireworks. At the last second, I booked a dinner boat cruise that included taking in the fireworks from the Saigon River. Bonus was that it started just a couple of miles from the house. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The boat that pulled up was a small open air boat with quite the BBQ spread prepared. Seriously, there was only about 12 of us but they had enough food to keep 30 people happy.

Happy National Day Vietnam!

Happy National Day Vietnam!

It was a fun way to see the city from a different perspective.

IMG_3138 IMG_3137

After cruising around seeing the sights for a while, we pulled up near the Bitexco building to watch the fireworks. We could here the people cheering downtown and we had a front row seat for the show & it didn’t disappoint.


In an attempt to keep the holiday vibe going as long as possible, we loaded up the car on Saturday and headed about two hours away to the beach in Vung Tau. Having the beach only two hours away reminded us of being back in Portland and heading to Cannon Beach for the day. The main difference? You can actually get in the water here!


We let Bailey bring a couple of school friends to spend the day with us. Let’s just say that they attracted a bit of attention on the beach.


Yes, they insisted on buying swan floaties and traipsed around the beach with them. Since they each made a squeaking sound when you pushed their beaks, Tony & I weren’t 100% sorry that Cedric, Sally & Cecilia (the girls named them) died an early death.  Although I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Khoung’s face as we tried to stuff them in the car.

We decided to leave the beach just before sunburns started and as compensation for leaving, treated the girls to pizza and dessert at our favorite pizza shop. As Georgia informed us that “pizza is my life”, we could only hope that it lived up to her expectations. Seeing all plates empty assured us it did.


I’m sure they’re Instagraming or SnapChatting their day!

We’re hoping those of you in the States have a Happy Labor Day weekend. Wish us luck as we now have to go to school & work for 5 whole days in a row!

XOXO,  April