Beijing Bound!

Hello all!

I just came back last week from Fobisia, a sports competition among other British international schools in SE Asia. I participated in athletics (track and field). On the first day, I watched the girls soccer tournament. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped. The weather and pollution was less than ideal, so last minute the games had to switched to an indoor pitch.  This pitch was also a basketball court so the ball bounced quite high and it was difficult to control. During this game, I ran outside. It was freezing cold! I had long pants, a long shirt, a jacket, a hat, and gloves yet I was still cold.We got 5th place (out of 6 schools). The boys basketball was on the same day. They did really well, 3rd place overall! The next day was athletics and swimming. Girls swimming and boys athletics were first, then girls athletics and boys swimming. I did the 1500, 800, and 400. Here’s the catch: from the start of the 1500 to the end of the 800 was 15 minutes apart. I was exhausted by the end of my races. I got 1st in the 1500, last in the 400, and 3rd in the 800. I was so proud of myself! The races got changed last minute to be running around the basketball court. It turns out the air in the arena we were originally going to run in hadn’t been filtered. The next day was girls basketball and boys soccer. The girls got 4th in basketball. They played so well! They got the same amount of points as the 3rd place team but since the 3rd place team beat BIS, we got 4th instead.

That afternoon, we had the gala dinner.  We dressed up nice and ate dinner. Afterwards, we received participation medals and everyone danced. It was REALLY loud in there so we left after about an hour and went up to hang out in my friends room.


Overall, Fobisia was an incredible experience. I made new friends and I can’t wait to see them again next year!


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